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Love Feelings

Love Feelings Or Moods That Feels So Good

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Love is a feeling and the feelings of love that we feel comes from love itself. It is nothing but an instigation of love. It is where love converses lovable intents so that the feelings of love trail the fondness of love. Love feelings follow lovable activities.

Love feelings are feelings that reside and can be felt within our hearts. We feel love from lovable actions from others. We basically feel love in response to the love that we receive from others. We all cherish the feelings that are connected with love and affection. The real feelings of love creates a feeling of ecstasy, an adrenaline-charged psychosomatic form of immense pleasure. Mostly it is our capacity to escalate the love that we receive that uplifts our responsive feelings.

The feelings of love are most commonly confused with lust, infatuation, and sex. It happens because we at times let our feelings to surpass us in certain situations. Such feelings of ecstasy results in lust or infatuation, both of which are temporary feelings. These feelings of love are nothing but short-lived passionate feelings coming out of temporary affection. Love feelings has a sexual element but sexual feelings may not have any love component. Real love feelings are connected with a profound interpersonal attachment instead of just lustful feelings.

We all have an insatiable desire to be love and be loved. However, make sure that love feelings arise in response to love. You must first receive love for you to feel the love and make it grow. So there has to be some origination of love for you feel love.

We all humans are natural greedy and selfish. More so, when it comes to love and wealth. We all want more and more of both these things. We are forgetting a very important thing here, love does not look for fulfilling its own desires, instead it seeks to satisfy the wants of others.

This brings us to the topic of give and take in love. If you are at the receiving end, then you should not forget the fact the receiver is also expecting for you to reciprocate the feelings of love. Love feeling are initiated by one partner, but those feelings must be returned for a relationship to work. Just receiving and not giving anything leads to problems. If you want to feel love, start giving love first. Initiate the feelings of love by ignite the fire of love. If you spread love, it will come back to you.

Objective is reproduced by deeds and action. Make love a habit and you will attain feelings of love. Just ignite the fire of love and that fire will spread on its own until you try to extinguish it. Implement love, give love, fulfil the desires of your partner. Initiate love to cultivate the feelings of love.

Think of love as your fireplace, all you have to do is ignite the fire, and the rest will take its course on its own. If you pump in some oxygen, that fire will spread more through the chimney. It will even spread to other people that are close to you, not just your partner. If you don’t lit the fire in your fireplace, there will be no fire. So make a sincere effort to make feelings of love to take place and the rest will follow.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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