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Philophobia Fear Of Love Phobia

Philophobia Fear Of Love Phobia Is Not Good Because Nobody Should Be Fearful Of Love And Everybody Should Embrace It With Open Arms

Philophobia Fear Of Love Phobia

Philophobia Fear Of Love Phobia Is Not Good Because Nobody Should Be Fearful Of Love And Everybody Should Embrace It With Open Arms

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Philophobia Fear Of Love Phobia:

Fear of love, or falling in love, is called philophobia. The word originates from Greek 'filos' which means ‘loving or beloved’ and phobia means fear for something or someone. It is the fear of falling in getting emotionally attached to someone. Such a situation usually arises when a person has opposed any sort of emotional mayhem relating to love in one of their past relationships. Being fearful of love makes a person feel all the more skeptical about love, and it pushes that person away from getting into a committed relationship. They are always afraid that their love will either be betrayed, or it won’t work out for any given reason. They have been bitten, and yes, they are twice shy.

Fear Of Not Ever Finding Love:

Fear of love isolates a person as they avoid any kind of love to enter their life. Such people end up living in solitude until they can overcome their fear of love. Fear of love is more common in women than in men. People who are fearful of love may fall in love, but their fear of love does not go away, and they end up having a relationship that is full of worries.

Fear Of Falling In Love Symptoms:

Fear of love refers to fear to fall in love due to betrayal in the past or when one does not have confidence in oneself to fulfill promises or take care of another. Many people fear to fall in love. Fear to fall in love is widespread these days due to lots of breakups and betrayal. Breakups give a lot of pain, and one wants to avoid this at any cost as someone in the past might have badly hurt them. Fear of love can also be because of one being brainwashed by another that love is a bad thing.

Fear Of Falling In Love becomes Worse With Age:

Fear of love is the fear to fall in love or commit in a relationship. Such people distance themselves away from love and are happy being single. Fear of love is more common in adulthood than in teenagers. As the person becomes more matured with age and experience, they become more and more cautious and reluctant to things that may cause them emotional harm.

Fear Of Losing Someone You Love:

There might be many reasons to be reluctant to commit. Some of them are betrayal, financial constraints, low standard of living, the breaking of trust, or too much love for their ex. Whatever may be the reason, fear of love should be removed from a person's mind as love is a blissful feeling. When one falls in love, it brings a turning point in his life. Fear of love should not occupy one's mind as it brings doubts and fear and negative thoughts in one's mind.

Reasons For Fear Of Love:

The leading causes of fear for love is an extreme form of a bad experience in past relationships. Such an experience could be in their parent's broken relationship or even witnessing some sort of domestic violence in their parent's relations or even their previous relationship. Another reason for developing a fear of love could be due to a particular religious or cultural environment. People suffering from anxiety or stress are more likely to fear love. People who are over emotional and sentimental also are cautious of love as they are afraid of getting hurt.

Symptoms Of Fear Of Love:

Signs of fear for love can vary from person to person. Fear for love closes the person from opening up. They may be into a committed relationship, but unable to make it work smoothly. Their entire life depends on how they get treated by the one they love so much. All this makes them highly anxious with restlessness, shortness of breath, pounding heart rate, dizziness, sweating, fainting, chest pains etc. They also suffer panic attacks.

Fear Or Being Afraid Of Love is Irrational And Unnecessary:

Fear for love is irrational and unnecessary because the concept itself is flawed. The way things occurred in a past relationship is not indicative of how things will turn out in a future relationship. Bad experience should make us cautious. But they should not shut us off from doing that same thing again.

Love Is Letting Go Of Fear:

Just because you had an unfortunate accident should not prevent you from driving again. Just because you got hit by a vehicle while walking should not isolate your movement within the four walls of your home. Likewise, a bad love relationship should not stop you from diving in the ocean of love that is full of beautiful things and is filled with different colors. Doing that would be equivalent to abandoning yourself from the most beautiful feeling in the world.

The Opposite Of Love Is Fear:

Love is the greatest thing, and it is worth taking chances to get real love. So if you have any sort of fear for love, throw it away right now. Keep falling in love until you find what you are looking for. Keep falling in love and keep rising in love because that’s how love is, priceless and invaluable.
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November 16 ,2019

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