Stages Of Love Or Attraction In Relationship Or Marriage

Stages Of Love Or Attraction In Relationship Or Marriage Are The Phases And Periods Of Lifecycle That Every Relationship Goes Through

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Stages Of Love Or Attraction In Relationship Or Marriage:

We all go through different stages or phases of love and relationship. Falling in love at any age is easier, but sustaining that love over a very long period is often difficult. Romantic love relationships have their lifecycle. When we consider love or romance in long-term relationships, it is at the highest level during the first few initial years. This is the time when love is fresh and exciting, and everything seems hunky-dory. Then comes the middle part of love’s lifecycle, when love usually takes a backseat and other more important things such as career, kids, etc., take precedence. It is especially challenging to keep love alive during this phase. Most couples break up their relationships during this time. If you are intense and persistent enough to overcome the challenges of mid-life love, you will enter the last phase of your love in your old age. This is the time when both partners have grown old. They have been there, done that. They have probably retired by now, and the kids have moved out. This is when the same care and affection come back.

Different Stages Of Love And Relationship:

Romantic love has often been described as a universal love that is free from all barriers and norms. There are no fixed rules or regulations in love. Love can be felt at any age. Love is felt in our hearts, and our hearts can forever be young despite our biological aging. There is a saying that we are as young as we feel. When we keep our hearts young, age becomes just a mere number.

The Lifecycle Of Love And Relationship:

So the entire lifecycle is like an upward opening parabola. It starts with a high, goes down to a low, or flats out, then it again goes up. Of course, nothing remains the same forever. Change is inevitable, especially in romantic love. It is more important to enjoy the journey with your partner than to worry about the destination. Enjoy every phase of your relationship with its ups and downs. Just don’t forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the turbulence.

The Changing Priorities In Love And Relationship:

As we age, the priorities in our romantic love change as well. When we are young, we give more importance to attraction, passion, sex, and intimacy. We also seek trust, respect, compatibility, chemistry, communication, and companionship. When we are older, attraction, lust, sex, and intimacy seize to hold a lot of significance. Trust and respect have probably already been established by now, so that also becomes insignificant. Even compatibility and chemistry are also already established, or else we wouldn’t have come this far. What’s left is communication and companionship. So it would be fair to say that those are the essential things in a romantic relationship, regardless of which phase of the relationship we are in.

The Changing Shape And Size Of Love And Relationship:

Our priorities and our preferences in our romantic relationships change with age. The fundamental love, however, does not change. Its shape and size may change, but the core remains the same. If we can keep that alive, it is not impossible to make our love last until death does us apart.

Being Progressive In Relationships Is An Essential And Integral Part:

A progressive relationship is one that keeps on progressing with time. Continuous relationships keep moving forward to the next level. All relationships start off from being complete strangers to being lifelong partners in crime. Progressive relationships develop gradually in steps and go through all stages of a relationship. All progress forward in a relationship, never backward. Make your bonding stronger and stronger with time, and don’t let it get diluted or weakened.

Ageless Love And Timeless Love:

All we need is unparalleled affection and support for one another. We can’t stop our biological aging, but we can definitely prevent our love from aging. The bad thing is that most of us are not even aware of what love is and what it takes to make it last throughout our life. If you read this essay, perhaps you can make your love last as you age and make it an ageless love.
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November 11 ,2022
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