Arranged Marriage Or Traditional Marriage

Arranged Marriage Or Traditional Marriage Is Mostly Organized By Family Members Without Any Significant Input From The Two People Who Are About To Get Married To Each Other

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Arranged Marriage Or Traditional Marriage:

Arranged marriage is a type of civil union in which the bride and groom are arranged by someone other than the couple themselves, mostly by close friends or family members. The parents of the man and woman getting married along with other family members arrange and agree for the two people to get married. The chosen man and woman also agree to marry each other, either willingly, or sometimes forcefully. In some cultures, the services of a professional matchmaker are utilized to find a suitable spouse. It is considered a sacred way of getting married with the blessings of family and society.

History Of Arranged Marriages:

Arranged marriage used to be the way to get married until the 20th century after which it has been depleting ever since. It is still ubiquitous in Asian countries. It is extremely prevalent in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. It is the only way to get married in the middle east. There is almost no existence in the western countries of the Americas and Europe. Though it still exists in high society, in the aristocratic and royal families. People who have migrated from the east to the west are quickly changing their preferences to get more westernized. Many people migrate from small towns to big cities just so that they can get out of the bondage of having no say in whom they marry and spend the rest of their lives.

Marriage Arranged By Family Member:

Arranged marriage traditionally is a marriage that is arranged or established without any lengthy liaison between the two people involved. It is primarily decided by the parents of the two families who come together to form the holy alliance. The two people don’t get to meet each other in person. They don’t even get the opportunity to meet more than once or twice and that too in the presence of their families. In some cases, they don’t even meet at all. Everything is decided by their families with little or no say of the two people involved. All customs and rituals are followed as per the scriptures.

Marriage Decided By Family Members:

In an arranged marriage, everything is decided by the parents of the two families. The elders think that their children are immature and are not capable of taking such important decisions in their lives. The family thinks and is even entirely convinced that they know what is suitable for their children. They even believe that they have full rights to make every big decision. They think they are more experienced with life and are thereby in a better position to decide who would be a good soul mate for their children.

Little Involvement Of Couples In Marriage:

In an arranged marriage, there is very little input from the soon-to-be couples. That said, the two people involved have the right to refuse the marriage proposal and the family usually agrees to their wishes and looks for another prospect. Else, it would be termed a forced marriage. So it may not be a forced marriage, but there is usually considerable pressure from both sides to give their voluntary consent.

Role Of Social Status In Marriage:

In an arranged marriage, the main driving force is the reputation and the social status of the two families involved. These marriages take place within the tight-knit community. Both families must belong to the same caste and religion or else it would be called inter-caste, which is usually forbidden. They must also share the same values and cultures. Matching of horoscopes also takes precedence. Even physical appearance is considered more important than other personality traits or compatibility.

Shift In Involvement Of Couple In Their Wedding:

In an arranged marriage, the main idea is that two people belonging to the same type of culture and upbringing are more suited for each other. So far, this phenomenon has worked for the most part and has been quite successful. But there is an overall shift where there is more involvement of the two young people involved. This shift is only going to keep increasing until the point where there is full consent of both parties involved to tie a knot into holy matrimony.

Modernized Version Of Arranged Marriage:

A modernized version of arranged marriage is an amalgamation of a traditional arranged marriage and a modern love marriage. This is almost like the best of both worlds. All the good qualities from both processes are taken together. It can also be called a modern arranged marriage or a modern love marriage.

Modern Version Of Arranged Marriage:

A modern version of arranged marriage can work as an introduction-only process for the two families. The two families come together and agree to match their children. The families just do the initial selection process and introduce the two people involved and then it is up to the two young people to decide what they want to do next. A close ally or a familiar friend may also approach the families with a prospective match. The two people have complete control over all aspects of the decision-making process and have full communication as well as meet each other as much as they want in their privacy. Though, the idea is for the prospective couple to take their shots and decide whether they wish to get married to each other or take a pass.

Arranged Marriages Have Changed Over The Years:

Arranged marriage can also be based on just getting the blessing of the two families. Two people select each other on their own and decide to get married. They then take their proposal up to their respective families for their approval. The families have the right to accept or reject the proposal, but still, the final decision rests with the two people in question. Although, it is desirable to get approval from the two families.

Arranged Marriage Acts As A Matchmaker:

Arranged marriage promotes the involvement of families. Getting married and finding the right match is not an easy task. It is not uncommon for the young ones to expect or even ask their families to look for a match for them. This is when the families act as matchmakers. This is a very positive and healthy sign. It facilitates making joint and mutual decisions.

Sometimes Arranged Marriages Promotes Love:

Arranged marriage these days also gives way to autonomy. It is not easy for families to always find the right match for their children. They sometimes turn to their kids and ask them to search for a prospective mate of their choice so that they can meet them and see if they would be the right ones. This gives full power to the two people who want to get married. They can go out and find their mate and then just get final approval from their families who would then evaluate the viability and prospects of a marriage.

Prearrange Marriages Uses The Best Of Modern Marriages:

Arranged marriages that use the best of modern-day views are becoming a new trend in many cultures that were once only open to traditional arranged marriages. It is a modified version of the concept of arranged marriage. Over time, the boundaries between the two types have started to become fuzzy. This is something that is, in most cases, entirely acceptable to even the two prospective candidates. This indeed is the best form of getting married in traditional societies. The concept is so good that it is only expected to grow even higher. It is already largely replacing traditional arranged marriage.
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November 11 ,2022
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