Romantic Wedding Marriage Proposal Ideas

100 Romantic Wedding Marriage Proposal Ideas For Your Would Be Bride Or Would Be Groom That Are Simple, Unique, Rustic, Fun, Memorable

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Following is the full list of hundred top most romantic wedding marriage proposal ideas for your would be bride or would be groom that are simple, unique, rustic, fun, memorable:

# Print your proposal on the cover of a candy box.

# Flash your proposal on the big screen at a movie theater.

# Propose in front of a historical or romantic castle.

# Hide the engagement ring in a chocolate box.

# Write your proposal in the sand at the beach.

# Propose at the exact same place where you met for the very first time.

# Plan a treasure hunt with the clues leading to a note with your proposal.

# Write your proposal with blood-red icing on a cake.

# Put your proposal on a big banner and then view it from a hot air balloon.

# Put your proposal in a bottle and then cover it with sand on the beach.

# Go to a gourmet breakfast at a luxury hotel, then propose admitting that you couldn’t wait until the evening.

# Write your proposal inside a fortune cookie.

# Get a golf ball with your proposal imprinted on it.

# Get a friend to shoot a video of you both, then surprise by proposing and making a lifetime memory.

# Go to your favorite karaoke place and sing your favorite love song, then at the end of the song propose in front of everyone.

# Buy a domain and make a small website with your proposal, then later turn it into an engagement or wedding website.

# Post a blog on a famous site with your proposal.

# Take out a small ad in a local newspaper and then put it on the coffee table where it can be easily found.

# Hide the ring in a bouquet of flowers and let it be found while putting the flowers in a vase.

# Create your own proposal poem, then recite it in front of a few close friends.

# Tell your would-be that you are looking for health insurance for couples.

# Tell your would-be that you are looking for ways to get a tax deduction by getting married.

# Buy a few books on newly married couples and lay them out on a table where your would-be can easily see them.

# Subscribe to a few magazines on how to plan a wedding and let your would-be get it in the mail.

# Throw a surprise party and propose in front of everyone.

# Go to a nightclub and ask the DJ to pass you the mic so that you can dedicate a song and also propose on the dance floor.

# Hire a skywriter to write out your proposal in the air for everyone around to see.

# Write your proposal on the floor with little tea light candles.

# Hire a professional to write and sing a custom personalized proposal song and then send it to your would-be.

# Change your social media status to engaged and make sure they see it in the feeds.

# Put together a gift basket of all the sweet treats likes chocolate and candies, then hide the ring somewhere in between.

# Order a large bag of personalized chocolate with your proposal engraved on it in big letters.

# Write your proposal on a large wall with little holiday lights.

# Write your proposal with a dark red lipstick on the windshield of your car.

# Tie the ring to a bouquet of vibrant flowers.

# Go to a fancy restaurant and ask the band to play a wedding proposal song with your names.

# Put the box of ring in a box and keep boxing them in slightly bigger boxes, then let your would-be keep opening the boxes until they reach the last one with the ring.

# Place the ring on their desk at work while they are out for lunch, then let your would-be feel surprised when they return.

# Propose in the place where you first met with a nice bottle of champagne and truffles and a live violinist.

# Get a big fat red rose and hide an elegant diamond ring inside it.

# Go to your favorite vacation destination and propose on the spot.

# Get a nice cupcake with a ring placed on the very top.

# Fix a nice breakfast tray with the ring placed in the center.

# Hire a local singing troupe to come to your place and sing your proposal song.

# Rent an airplane that can fly with a banner that has your proposal in big letters.

# Go to a talk show and propose on live television, but you may have to do a lot to convince the producers to let you do it.

# Go to your hometown where you both grew up and propose in front of your elementary school.

# Design a nice splash screen with your proposal and then set that as the wallpaper on your would-be’s laptop.

# Hire a professional animator to design a nice electronic card with your proposal.

# Make a short movie of your romantic journey and then at the very end, put your proposal.

# Hire a music artist to record a short jingle with your personalized proposal.

# Arrange a few photos of both of you in an album and then write your proposal on the front cover.

# Announce your proposal on social media but make sure your would-be is fine with it.

# Design a wedding card and ask your would-be for their opinion.

# Make a list of guests for your wedding and ask your would-be if they missed out on anyone.

# Order a tablet with your personalized proposal engraved on it in gold.

# Freeze the ring inside an ice cube and then pop it in their drink.

# Arrange a lovely tray with some of the most decadent truffles and place the ring in the center.

# Call friends over a barbecue and announce your proposal in front of everyone.

# Hire a magician for a private show at your place, ask him to pull a ring out of the hat instead of a rabbit.

# Hire a photoshop expert to write your proposal on the cover of a famous magazine.

# Rent a private plane and propose when you are in air with a bottle of champagne and caviar.

# Go on a helicopter ride and propose while you are in air.

# Go for skydiving and propose when you both are in air and ask for a yes before you land.

# Go for bungee jumping together and propose as you both come down holding on to each other.

# Go on a river rafting tour and propose in the middle of the water.

# Go to a scenic spot where you can see the sunset and propose as the sun goes down.

# Book a luxury cruise and propose when you are far away from land.

# Mail the ring and let your would-be get it when they check their daily mail.

# Write your proposal on helium balloons, one letter on each balloon.

# Order pizza and ask someone to put the ring inside the box.

# Mail a postcard every day with just one word of your proposal on it, then let your would-be figure out the puzzle.

# Hire a stretch limousine and propose in style with a glass of champagne.

# Arrange for a well-known celebrity to knock on your door with your proposal, yeah this one is only for the well-connected ones.

# Get your proposal imprinted on a t-shirt and then wear it in front of your would-be.

# Propose in the middle of a large crowd where you don’t know anyone.

# Propose in the middle of a concert where you can barely hear each other.

# Hire someone to design a large poster with your pictures and your proposal, then hang it on a wall where your would-be can see it.

# Write your proposal with a red ribbon on the windshield of your car.

# Propose in an elevator of a high rise building, but make sure to do it at a time when there is hardly anyone around.

# Go on a motorbike ride and propose when you are on the highway and can barely hear each other, but be careful not to get into an accident.

# Go on a boat ride in a lake and propose in the middle of the water.

# Write your proposal with letters on the board of scramble.

# Order some samples of wedding favors to give your would-be an indirect hint and ask for their opinion.

# Search for baby names and ask your would-be which one they like the most.

# Write your proposal on a large heart shaped kite.

# Hire some local dancers to come to your place and dance to your proposal.

# Buy a talking doll and record your proposal on it.

# Request a priest to knock on the door with your proposal.

# Make a video of your proposal and play it on a large screen or in a home theater.

# Propose in the old fashioned way with a handwritten letter and get it hand delivered by a friend.

# Train a parrot to say your proposal over and over again.

# Pre-record your proposal on a flash drive and then mail it to your would-be.

# Paint your proposal on a large wall by hiring a professional artist.

# Write your proposal by using lego building blocks.

# Announce your proposal after a karaoke performance on the microphone.

# Ask your would-be for the size of their finger so that you can buy the perfect ring.

# Ask their hand from their parents the old fashioned way.

# Wear a wedding dress and ask your would-be what they think about how you look.

# Simply pour your heart out and tell your would-be you want to marry them.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most romantic wedding marriage proposal ideas for your would be bride or would be groom that are simple, unique, rustic, fun, memorable:
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November 15 ,2020
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