Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship

Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship Or Marriage Can Be Very Exciting And Can Work Perfectly Well As Long As Both Partners Are Happy With Their Respective Roles

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship:

This is a type of relationship or marriage in which one of the partners is dominant, while the other is submissive. One person controls the other in almost everything, from intimacy in the bedroom to making any big or small decisions. Such a set-up is very common in most traditional forms of relationships, in which the male dominates, and the female is more submissive. Such a relationship can only be successful if both partners agree to their roles. These days many people enjoy being dominated by their partner, in which case it works perfectly fine. Otherwise, it can be a total disaster as someone who is not up for something like this is not likely to accept such a situation.

How Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship Works:

One partner either submits to the other or dominates them psychologically. One of the partners dominates the other because they are more powerful in the relationship. The dominant partner, like this type of relationship because they like to be in control. These days sex and power are interrelated, and that’s why a lot of men fall for sexy women, and a lot of women fall for more powerful men.

Dynamics Of Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship:

Such a relationship is a power game between two partners. The dominant partner leads and guides the submissive partner. The submissive partner is the one who pleases the dominant partner. The main idea is to make the dominant feel more in control of the mind and body of the submissive. It is not very uncommon for partners in such relationships to switch roles of being the dominant or submissive partner.

It Is More Than Just Sex In Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship:

Such kind of domination and submission may or may not be limited to just sexual activities. In many cases, such behavior is carried out even in non-sexual activities such as the submissive partner taking the permission of the dominant partner before doing anything.

Success Of Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship:

Such a relationship works perfectly well for some people who take pleasure in being dominant, while others get turned on by being submissive. The problem occurs when both partners want to be dominant or submissive, something that is very common in many healthy relationships between a man and a woman.

Rules Of Dom Sub Or Dominant Submissive Relationship:

The first rule to understand is that there are no rules, each couple can make their own unique rules. Nobody is a mind reader, so both partners must communicate with each other with full honesty about their roles, duties, needs, and expectations. They should also draw boundaries and lay out what is acceptable or not acceptable. There should also be mutual trust and respect, regardless of who is the dominant or submissive partner. Make realistic goals and be flexible to make changes on an almost daily basis. Decide if you both will be switching roles, and be patient with each other after switching roles to feel more comfortable.

Roles Of Dominant Partner:

The function of a dominant partner is to take full control of everything, expecting compliance and obedience from the submissive. The domination mainly believes in receiving and not so much in giving to the passive.

Roles Of Submissive Partner:

The purpose of the submissive is to take pleasure in submitting to the dominant. They take joy in being dominated in bed and to please the dominant. They try to put their partner’s needs above their own, accepting being controlled in many different ways in and outside of the bedroom. It is also common not to offer your opinions until you are specifically asked to do so.
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November 11 ,2022
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