Manipulative People And Emotional Manipulation

Manipulative People And Emotional Manipulation In Any Relationship Involves A Lot Of Conniving Deviousness And Cunning Deceits

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Manipulative People And Emotional Manipulation:

A romantic relationship or marriage should have a lot of caring and affection. It can become quite devious when one of the partners is manipulating the other. A manipulative relationship can happen in almost any type of relationship. It can prevail in any age group, culture, religion, and sector of society, and either gender can play the role of the manipulator. There is a lot of manipulation from one partner, while the other gets manipulated.

Sign Of Manipulative Relationships And Emotional Manipulation

Following are some signs of a manipulative partner.

Your partner continually threatens you to break up. They lure you into doing things that you may not want to do. You end up falling into their needs as you can’t risk losing them. They give you frequent ultimatums of abandoning you if you don’t do what they say as per their instructions.

Your partner continuously makes you feel guilty about everything. They make you feel guilty for every nice thing you do for yourself as you are made to feel that you don’t deserve it. You begin to feel bad for every negative thing that goes around. They make you feel awful and take you on a guilt trip at every opportunity they get.

Your partner always puts the blame on you. They think they can never do anything wrong, and you are always the culprit. You feel bad whenever something goes wrong, even when it’s not your fault. They know how to make you feel bad and hold you responsible for everything negative.

Your partner makes you doubt everything you do. They make you feel less confident in even the good things that you do. You hesitate to do anything and feel scared of the outcome no matter how frivolous it may be. They make you feel less worthy of yourself with very low self-esteem.

Your partner makes you do everything they want. They make you do things for their advantage without you even realizing it. You do things thinking it’s for you when it’s actually for them. They get their work done without even lifting a finger where you do all the hard work.

Your partner plays mind games. They often get you involved in unfavorable things and let you do all the dirty work. You do what they say because you think it’s the right thing to do when the reality is something else. They know how to play with your mind and get things done effortlessly.

These are some of the signs that your partner is getting whatever they want at your expense.

It can be very harmful to be in a manipulative relationship. One must know how to recognize and handle a manipulative relationship in order to stop or come out of it. The worst part is that the partner getting manipulated starts feeling that they are the ones causing all the problems while the other gets what they want. They are made to feel guilty and also fortunate to be in a relationship. It is never good to be manipulated by a selfish partner. Manipulative behavior is usually a part of the personality of a person, and it’s hard to change it. The best solution is to engage in direct communication and stop the manipulation of your relationship.
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November 11 ,2022
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