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Taking A Break In A Relationship

Taking A Break In A Romantic Relationship Can Be Very Healthy If It Is Done For The Right Reasons

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It is a common practice to take a temporary break from a romantic relationship. The main idea behind taking such a break is to figure out the future of a relationship. It helps to take things in perspective to realize if the two people want to stay together or separate. Sometimes just a short period of separation is enough to get back to each other’s arms. While at other times, it may take quite a while before taking a call. Regardless of the length of the break, it’s important to follow some rules and mutually agree on a few things.

The main thing to decide on is the length of the break. Keep it as long as you both need and as short as it can be. Many couples take too long of a break, only to realize that they have drifted apart from each other. After all, there is a meaning behind the phrase, out of sight out of mind. So keep the break as short as possible.

Although you both will be on a break from each other, establish some sort of channel of communication in case of emergencies. You should not talk frequently or else it would defeat the purpose of being on a break. So just minimize any contact during this time to emergencies only. Leave the rest for until after the break.

It may be understood but make sure you make it abundantly clear that you both are just on a temporary break and it’s not alright to see other people. Many people make this mistake and it can only make things more complicated. Remember that you are just on a break and it does not give you the freedom to sleep around with other people. Of course, it should be fine to have platonic friends.

The time you spend being apart from each other should be solely spent to resolve issues and analyze your relationship. That should be the primary focus but it’s alright to meet up with friends once in a while. You can also use this time to do a hobby or an activity of your interest. Again, the main idea being getting your thoughts together for a fresher perspective at where things stand.

It is important to be respectful of your partner’s privacy. So don’t indulge in leaking information about your relationship to others without your partner’s prior permission. Of course, you should talk to close friends and family to get their input. It is a good idea to talk to someone you trust to get their opinion.

Your main focus during the entire break should be on your relationship. Reevaluate and analyze every aspect of it. This is the time to think things through. Take this as a second chance to decide what you truly want.

The main idea behind taking a break from a relationship is to improve the quality of life by staying together or going separate ways. At the end, what matters is to do what’s mutually beneficial. In most cases, such breaks brings couple closer and that exactly is the intention. But in some cases, many couples call things quits. Whatever may be the outcome, take a break to analyze by coming as a winner on the other side.
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June 29 ,2019

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