Toxic Relationship Or Toxic Marriage

Toxic Relationship Or Toxic Marriage Is Poisonous And Fatal As It Can Lead To A Feeling Of Being Distressed And Drained Out Due To Its Dangerous And Destructive Nature

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Toxic Relationship Or Toxic Marriage:

A romantic relationship or marriage is supposed to be the best thing in the world. The same best thing can become a nightmare when it becomes a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship can be extremely poisonous and lethal. It can make one feel distressed and drained out. Most people forget to realize that trust is the foundation of love on which a healthy relationship stands. Today’s relationships are filled with all sorts of toxic elements that range from small things to big-time betrayals. It becomes a challenge to have a healthy relationship because all humans are prone to lying to get their way through. Very few of us understand the importance of speaking the truth. Speaking the truth creates a positive environment in a relationship.

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship:

Following are some signs of a toxic relationship.

There is absolutely no trust in your relationship. You both have to see it to believe it instead of taking each other’s words for it.

There is no respect in your relationship. You both disrespect each other at every opportunity and have no regard for each other at any level.

There is too much mental stress in your relationship. You both feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, and there is no recourse.

There is no mutuality in your relationship. You both have an imbalance where one is only giving in, and the other is always giving-up things.

There is criticism in your relationship. You both waste no opportunity to ridicule or put each other down even while in a public gathering.

There are control issues in your relationship. You both can’t help but control each other’s every action, and there is a constant tug-of-war between you.

There is no communication in your relationship. You both avoid communicating with each other, and your only source of communication is the little stickie on the fridge or text messages.

There are constant challenges in your relationship. You both encounter one issue after the other in never-ending quarrels.

There is a feeling of uncomfortableness in your relationship. You feel highly uncomfortable in each other’s company, and you try to avoid each other all the time.

There is a lot of hostility in your relationship. You both feel like shooting each other as you can’t even stand each other for more than a few seconds.

There is excessive negative energy in your relationship. You both impulsively feel cynical about each other no matter what and there is no positivity.

There is never-ending drama in your relationship. You both make it a habit to create a scene out of even some of the most desirable things.

There are unfair acceptances in your relationship. You both begin to accept things that were never acceptable and were once a deal-breaker for you.

There is reverse growth in your relationship. You both are losing each other little by little every day just like a sinking ship.

There is nothing right in your relationship. You both feel everything is going wrong, and there are no signs of making things better.

There is no peace in your relationship. You both feel extremely unhappy and feel it’s better to stay alone than together.

If you see the presence of any of the poison signs above in your relationship, you have a toxic relationship. The chances are that it is too late to rectify things. It will be almost impossible to repair it. It is best to get out of it instead of staying in an unhealthy environment. You will be doing yourself and your partner a favor by ending it. No one deserves to live in hell when a relationship is supposed to make your life heaven. Most people resort to toxicity in their relationship because they are either ashamed of something, or they are afraid of getting abandoned. Both of these reasons are legitimate, but they question the very fabric of being in a relationship. People should want to be in a relationship so that they can be accepted just the way they are, not for who they are not. If being honest means embarrassment or abandonment, so be it. It’s better, to be correct than to lead a camouflaged life.
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November 11 ,2022
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