Passing Blending Assimilation Assimilating Meaning Definition

“Passing” is also sometimes referred to as “Blending or Assimilating” as a synonym, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Passing / Blending / Assimilation / Assimilating:

The term “passing assimilation” is derived from “passing,” which means “getting accepted,” and “assimilation,” which means “being able to assimilate,” hence, “passing-assimilation” literally means “trans people accepted as who they feel they are.”

The term “passing” or “blending” is a slur or slang that is used to describe society’s perceptions and assumptions of someone’s sexuality or gender.

Passing is about trans people being accepted as, or able to “pass” for, as a member of their self-identified gender identity, irrespective of sex assigned at birth, and without being identified as trans or straight or cisgender.

It needs to be noted that some LGBTQIA+ people wish to “pass,” while others do not, in fact, the process of being perceived as straight or cisgender can be a source of discomfort and discrimination for some in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Within the trans community, passing is not relevant and is rarely used because almost everyone is assumed to be trans unless confirmed otherwise. Some people tend to believe that “passing” is a less appropriate term and that “masking” is a more accurate term to describe the phenomenon.

Passing is being perceived by others as a particular sexual orientation or gender identity, regardless of how the individual in question identifies, but this term has become controversial because “passing” may mean that one is not actually what they are passing as. For instance, passing as straight, or passing as a cisgender.
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November 11 ,2022
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