Skoliosexual Ceterosexual Meaning Definition

“Skoliosexual” is also sometimes referred to as “Skolio” in short, or “Ceterosexual” as a synonym, or “Skolio-Sexual” with a hyphen, or “Skolio Sexual” with a space, as some other forms.

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Skoliosexual / Ceterosexual / Skoliosexuality / Ceterosexuality:

The term “skoliosexual” is derived from “skolio,” which means “bent or crooked,” and “sexual,” which means “related to sex,” hence, “skolio-sexual” literally means “sexual attraction or interest in people with non-binary and non-cisgender.”

The term “skoliosexual” or “ceterosexual” or “skoliosexuality” or “ceterosexuality” is used to describe people who experience sexual and romantic as well as emotional and aesthetic attraction towards individuals with non-binary and non-cisgender as apposed to binary or cisgender people, that is, people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, or transgender, transsexual, or non-binary people.

Skoliosexual is reserved for trans or nonbinary individuals. The main reason for doing so is because cis people judge nonbinary people based off of identification alone.

The term “skoliosexual” is now replaced by “cetero-sexual” due to problematic wording because the prefix “skolio-“ means “bent” or “crooked.” which indicates that nonbinary individuals are “abnormal” or “broken.” The new prefix “cetero-” means “other,” and it is not clear whether this new terminology will stick as some people still like to use skoliosexual, while some folks tend to believe that a new or more pertinent terms need to be coined for certain genderqueer or non-binary people.
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November 15 ,2020
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