Note: We have not yet started advertising on our website, but we are currently accepting inquiries and application from potential advertisers. If you are interested in advertising on our site, please fill out the contact us form that can be found in the footer. OUR ADVERTISING GOAL: - Give the maximum exposure and bang for the money to our advertising partners. & - Give our members/visitors highly relevant and valuable advertisements. You may have heard the saying, what you get is what you paid for. Well, we have taken this saying to a whole new level. With us, you will get a lot more bang out of your precious advertising bucks than what you pay for. By the time you finish reading this section, we are sure that you will agree with us. We make every effort to give our advertisers the best return on their advertising investment. WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? We firmly believe that our success lies in our advertiser’s success. 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And, oh yes, we forgot to mention that you can get a better coverage on our website for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Furthermore, it all depends whether you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond. So, seize this opportunity and make the right choice. MOST HONEST & TRANSPARENT: We are proud to say that we are one of the most honest and transparent websites on the world wide web. We never buy bulk traffic or lure people to visit our site or become our member. Most websites (even some of the biggest names in the industry, but we won’t take any names here) boast of heavy traffic, most of which is not even relevant to the industry to which they belong to. They then make a very colorful and attractive media kit with full blown graphics and charts displaying all their numbers. In fact, many of the popular sites have phishing and spyware so that they can install a cookie on your computer to collect personal information. Most users don’t even come to know about these things. We don’t indulge in any such practices. No annoying pop-up, no spyware, no malware, no phishing. We have even been contacted several times to buy dirt cheap traffic which will definitely make our figures look a lot more attractive to advertisers, but we have already turned them down. But don’t get us wrong. We do want to popularize our site, but we like to adhere to most ethical ways in doing so, which results in most relevant traffic for our advertisers, and most pertinent content for our members. To take matters one step forward, we show the most accurate statistics to even our visitors, not just the advertising or marketing managers of other companies. This is why we are so proud of being what you can call the most honest and transparent site in the industry. With us, you will get the most relevant exposure and most pertinent traffic for your business. SOME OF MANY BENEFITS OF BECOMING OUR AD PARTNER: - Logo and Brief Profile Placement on our Partner Page: Placement of your company logo along with a hyperlink and brief profile in our media partner page under the specific partner category. - Image + Text Ad: Placement of your ad image with text on almost every page of our website. - Banner Ads: Placement of your banner ad on the header or footer part of our website. - Premium/Featured Review: Premium review of your company placed in the featured review section of our website where other users can forward, save, rate, like, comment, and share on social media. - Premium/Featured Profile: Premium profile of your company placed in the featured profile section of our website where other users can forward, save, rate, like, comment, and share on social media. - Posts/Comments: Access to making unlimited posts and comments. - Special Discounts: Additional special discounts of 10% on our other forms of advertising and promotional options. - Brand Equity: Build brand equity and awareness by partnering with a premiere name. Note: The above benefits will be valid only during the term of our partnership. ispace! Copyright © 2020 Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram Twitter Youtube EZ solutions About Partners