How To Be More Attractive

10 Ways Of How To Be More Attractive By Making Your Crush Wonder Or Making Them Curious To Learn More Things About You And Your Life

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It is human nature to be curious about things that are not out there. The same technique of being mysterious can be used to attract other people. It is an age-old phenomenon, and it has been proven to be successful time and again. You can easily make the other person curious by being mysterious. You will make them come after you to know more about you. It can be instrumental in making an impression on the opposite gender.

Following is the full list of ten top most effective ways of how to be more attractive by making your crush wonder or making them curious to learn more things about you and your life:

# Eye Contact:
The first thing to do is to make eye contact with the person that you are trying to attract. Making eye contact will give a signal to the other person that you are interested in them. Maintain eye contact only until you can get their attention and then look away immediately. This will make you look like there is more to you to know.

# Remain Relaxed:
It is vital that you feel totally relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. Keep a calm and hypnotic look on your face so that you look cool. This will make others curious about learning more about you. They would want to know more about you and may even approach you in some way to give rest to their curiosity.

# Intellectual Conversation:
You should behave as if you are intelligent and well-versed in current affairs. You will need to talk about some of the hot or trending topics since you don’t want to talk about yourself. Pick a few issues that you are most passionate about. Stray away from talking too much about yourself because you want to keep the other person imagining and wanting to know more about you.

# Rhetorical Questions:
Ask some poignant questions to build on the mystery. Doing so will keep the conversation alive and you will be able to get some more information about the other person in order to plan your next move. Most people feel good when others want to get to know them. So this will work great to keep the other person guessing about you.

# Switch Topics:
Another way to build the mystery is to change topics as quickly as you can. Doing so will make you look intelligent because you are able to talk about a wide variety of issues without overthinking. Being knowledgeable and being able to talk about different things is often looked upon as an attractive quality. So keep the ball rolling and speak confidently.

# In Control:
Remain in control of the conversation so that you can impress the other person. Most people get easily influenced by people who can demonstrate that they can lead the discussion. Always keep the remote control in your hands. You should be able to move the conversation in any direction that you want.

# Charm Others:
Keep a mysterious look by smiling a lot and making the other person smile too. If you can make eye contact and get the other person’s attention then it means you are on the right path. Become the center of attraction. Make the other person feel more and more interested in you.

# Be Snooty:
It is crucial that you don’t appear desperate or someone who is freely available. You should want to look as if it is hard to reach you because you are just so busy with a lot of things. If you become too available then it will destroy the mystery and will ruin everything. Don’t be so out of reach that the person gives up on you.

# Remain Unpredictable:
Most people who are mysterious are also very unpredictable. Talk about random things and go out of your routine. Break the patterns and be spontaneous. You should appear as if you have rehearsed your performance well in advance.

# Maintain Mystery:
Make all efforts to make the other person keep wanting to know more about you. Reveal information about yourself but in a prolonged and subtle manner. Show an actual interest in the other person so that you both can eventually be on the same page. The idea should be to let the mystery be a mystery but only until you are able to make the other person like you in the same way as you like them.
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November 11 ,2022
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