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How To Tell If A Girl Or Guy Likes You

10 Ways Of How To Tell If A Girl Or Guy Likes You Or Signs A Girl Or Guy Likes You So That You Can Turn Your Crush Into A Romantic Date Or Perhaps Even A Serious Relationship

How To Tell If A Girl Or Guy Likes You

10 Ways Of How To Tell If A Girl Or Guy Likes You Or Signs A Girl Or Guy Likes You So That You Can Turn Your Crush Into A Romantic Date Or Perhaps Even A Serious Relationship

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We all have experienced a feeling of having a crush for someone. It is a powerful feeling, and it is vital to handle it in the right way. Some crushes are silly, while others can get pretty serious. You must know how to turn your crush into a date by making the first move. All this can be very exciting but only if you take things in a light-hearted and fun way. Never get too serious if your crush doesn’t work out in your favor. Always remember that there are plenty of other crushes in the world.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways of how to tell if a girl or guy likes you or signs a girl or guy likes you so that you can turn your crush into a romantic date or perhaps even a serious relationship:

# Mirroring Technique:
It is a good idea to copy or mirror the body language of your crush. This is a proven technique that works in other situations as well. People are generally more receptive towards people who act just like them. Also try to talk in the same tone and pitch and even use some of their own words.

# Stay Normal:
You know that you have a big crush on the other person but keep it to yourself for now. Don’t go all out and tell them how mesmerized you are by their appearance or presence. Doing so will give them an upper hand and they will be able to take undue advantage of your vulnerability. Keep a normal behavior and try to woo them but without appearing too desperate.

# Sharing Things:
You have a big crush on someone and you obviously want to share it with someone. Talk to your best friend whom you can trust to keep secrets. Your friend can suggest how you should move forward with your crush. They may even help you get closer to the other person by giving you some helpful tips.

# Enjoy Yourself:
You need to enjoy just the feeling of having a crush on someone. The feeling of having butterflies in the stomach or blushing when you are alone can be a great experience. These things will give you some temporary happiness if not more. Sometimes we all need to feel love for someone no matter how juvenile it may be.

# Make Moves:
Try to talk to your crush and see how they respond. Start a short conversation and see how they react. Gauge their level of interest and then decide your next move. It is pretty easy to know by the way the person responds to see if they are also interested in you.

# Give Hints:
Give subtle hints to your crush that you are interested in them. But don’t be mad if they don’t pick up on your clues. It is possible that they didn’t get you or perhaps they are not interested and are just trying to be polite. Look at their response but never get too pushy.

# Ask Out:
Sometimes it is perfectly reasonable to ask your crush to go out to a specific place at a specified time and they can either accept your offer or make an excuse. Make sure to invite them for a coffee or something more social as most people don’t feel very comfortable getting too personal too soon.

# Accept Rejection:
In case you get turned down by your crush then accept it gracefully because it is perfectly normal for someone not to like you in the same way as you like them. Be aware that not everybody is going to have the same type of romantic feelings towards you as you have for them and most or at least a lot of crushes ends up in disappointments. It is effortless for some people to get obsessed with their crush and that can be both very dangerous. It is best to take your crush lightly and never get too serious about it.

# Heart Broken:
Understand the fact that a crush is just a crush. Never take it to your heart or take it too seriously. It is all good if the feelings are mutual. But don’t be disheartened if it is one-sided.

# Move On:
Know that crushes come and go all the time. If one crush doesn’t work out in your favor then there are plenty of others that will come your way. There are plenty of other fishes in the pond. All you have to do is look for someone else that you may end up liking.
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November 15 ,2020
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