Flirting Body Language And Handshake Flirting

Flirting Body Language And Handshake Flirting Is The Best Way To Flirt Or seduce Someone By Making Use of Your Expressions And Body In The Most Effective Way

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Flirting And The Role Of Smiling Or Blushing:

Flirting with smiles is one of the cutest ways of flirting as smiles are known to be contagious. Smiling is a potent technique of flirting as everyone loves to see a smiling face. Smiling indicates that one is approachable and is open for small introductory talk at the very least. It should be a natural, pleasant smile and not a gigantic used car salesman kind of a smile. Subtly licking your moist lips can send a strong romantic signal. Subtly biting your lips means you are craving for that person.

Flirting And The Role Of Facial Expressions:

Flirting is an art that can be most effectively mastered if you can learn how to read and understand the other person’s facial expressions. By the same token, it is equally important to send the right signals to the other person by your facial expressions. In general, facial expressions play a dominant role in flirting. Just the correct type of look on your face can do the trick.

We all have used our facial expressions to express ourselves when we are unable to verbally transmit the same message due to distance or some other reasons. One of the most common expressions is that of briefly raising your eyebrows to greet the other person. You should make full use of this expression as it is almost harmless. This may not be the perfect conversation starter, but it will at least gain the other person’s initial attention. It may even send a subtle signal of attraction but don’t expect any fireworks to come out of it.

It is usually hard for most people to hide their feelings from coming onto their faces. In that sense, facial expressions are even more trustworthy than any spoken word. So use them to your advantage. Also, make them look natural and not an act to garner attention. Regardless of their intentions, most of us easily rely on facial expressions. This is why when we talk to someone, we look at their faces, not their hands or feet. This gives us immediate non-verbal feedback.

Facial expressions also have some limitations. People from different cultures emote somewhat differently with their faces. Then there is always a gender difference. Women are known to have a more pleasant demeanor than men even if they have an unfavorable opinion about something or someone. Despite the challenges, facial expressions can be effectively used to enhance your flirtatious efforts. In fact, blank faces are often considered most unattractive regardless of other factors. For instance, there could be a totally hot woman with a perfect figure, but she won’t come across as attractive if she has almost no expressions on her face. So our facial expressions also make us more attractive to others. Most of these facial expressions come out naturally, and they are part of your personality. Fabricated facial expressions can only go so far before they backfire on your face. After all, it is not easy to carry an act on your face for too long unless you are a professional actor. It is correctly said that your face is a lens through which one can peek inside your heart and figure out what is going on inside you. The best thing is that you can never cause any harm with your facial expressions unless you go entirely overboard in pulling your heart out of your chest and sticking it on your face.

Flirting And The Role Of Postures Or Physical Positions:

Most of us can effectively control our verbal and non-verbal facial expressions while flirting, but it sometimes becomes more challenging to control our entire body’s posture. When we are talking and emoting with facial expressions, we somehow unknowingly lose control of the rest of our bodies. Hence, it is essential to look out for your body postures. Make sure your poses are in sync with the rest of the things.

Postures can be used to show a high intensity of interest. You can teach an interest by leaning your body toward the other person, making it feel as if you are almost getting drawn toward the other person. Postures can also be used to show disinterest. You can show boredom or lack of interest in taking things further by leaning your body backward.

Gender difference plays an important role when it comes to postures. Men should adopt positions that make them more masculine, muscular, tall, and big by making their chest pop out. Males should be careful not to overdo it or else it may scare the female counterpart away. Women should adopt postures that make them appear more feminine, delicate, sensitive, and small by drawing attention to their more feminine body parts such as breasts or legs. Females should be careful not to do too much of it or else it may send a signal of inviting the male counterpart of spending a hot night together.

Postures are best used when there is some sort of coordination or synchronization between the two people. It becomes far more harmonious when both people are trying to adopt each other’s postures by taking turns. They unknowingly start mimicking other person’s body postures. This is seen as a positive sign and is seen as a very early sign of compatibility between the two people.

Flirting And The Role Of Ignoring Or Overlooking A Few Things:

It is imperative to watch the body language of the other person carefully. As you move forward with your flirting from one step to the next, watch out for signals that indicate that you may have gone overboard. If you find the other person jiggling or looking around the wall or ceiling of the room, it means they are most likely looking for an exit plan. If this happens, slow down things as you may be going too fast. If you are getting no reciprocal response or if the other person looks frightened, it is time for you to walk away before it’s too late and you begin to embarrass yourself.

Flirting And The Role Of Mimicking Or Mirroring:

Mimicking the other person’s behavior is an effective flirting technique. Mirroring someone’s behavior is a sign that the two people are in sync and these are early signs of long-term compatibility.
If they lean forward, you lean forward.
If they scratch their head, you scratch your head.
If they whistle, you whistle.
If they tap their toes, you tap your toes.
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November 11 ,2022
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