Playing Hard To Get

Playing Hard To Get Can Have A Positive Or A Negative Effect, So One Must Learn When To Be Hard And When To Be Soft While Flirting

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Why Do Guys And Girls Play Hard To Get:

Playing too hard to get can have a positive or negative effect.

The good – you could build a level of interest or excitement, and you may end up making the other person crave for more.

The bad – you may send the signal that you are a game player which can be a big turn off for some people OR you could indicate that you are just not interested in them.

Always be very careful while playing too hard to get and know when to get hard and when to get soft while flirting.

Is He Or She Playing Hard To Get Or Not Interested:

Flirting And Challenging Or Competition:

Use challenging your opponent for advanced flirting. Laying small bets or wager can send a flirting signal. Challenger the target by playing a game of pool or cards can also be an effective flirting technique. Challenging or competing with someone can do the trick.

Frequent challenges will assure a romantic interest. Make sure to use your eyes and the rest of your body language while challenging your opponent. Create an excitement or a thrill and make it a challenge for the other person. Just the fact that the other person took you up for your problem is a sign of mutual interest. Nothing can be cuter than competing with your romantic interest. Keep on playing this game until you create a sense of comfort and then go ahead and ask the other person out for another exciting meeting.

Flirting And Giving The Other Person To Talk:

You may be an excellent orator and someone who is known to win other people’s hearts just by showcasing your eloquence. But, this is not one of your leadership workshops. You may be deeply fascinated and passionate about what you have to say. But, this is not the time to keep blabbing about your ideas or opinions about yourself. Doing so may make you appear to be arrogant and self-obsessed.

Some people are extremely patient in hearing what the other person is saying. They are so patient that the entire conversation goes by without them saying a single word. Their silence rips apart from the other person. They take no initiative in making the conversation going.

Both of the above cases are extremes. Talking too much or too little, both have adverse consequences. The golden rule is to exchange an almost equal number of words. Flirting, after all, is about reciprocity and sharing or exchanging information and ideas where both people come across as effectively playing the role of a talker as well as a listener. This happens when you give some and take some.

There should be a natural fluidity in the conversation. Neither party should make an effort to keep the conversation going. There shouldn’t be too many pauses or interruptions for too long. There should be natural turn-taking when one person gives the other person a chance to respond by providing signals by facial expressions and drops in volume levels. All these things should happen almost effortlessly and seamlessly. The more effective you become in this two-way communication skill, the more successful you will be with flirting.

Flirting And Cultural Differences:

Flirting In Different Cultures Activities Varies In Different Cultures Around The World Due To Dissimilar Styles Of Social Protocols.

Flirting activities varies in different cultures because of dissimilar styles of social protocols such as how to make eye contacts, how long to gaze, how close one can get, how much touching is appropriate, etc. These differences also play an essential role for both genders, where certain things are acceptable for males but not for females, and vice versa.

In most cultures, even in the advanced westernized world, making sexually explicit advances to a stranger is not socially acceptable. However, other indirect and suggestive moves may at times be acceptable so long as they are playful and light.

Flirting And Personal Disclosure:

Flirting And The Role Of Personal Disclosure Or Revelation In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

One of the most integral parts of flirting is the exchange of personal information. Without disclosing anything about yourself or learning anything about the other person, things would be quite vague and can hardly be called flirting. Such type of mutual disclosures is a more effective way than a question and answer sessions which may look more like a job interview. Slowly revealing personal information is a subtle way towards getting more intimate.

One should be very careful about how much and when they disclose their personal information. In the beginning, start disclosing casual things such as your favorite season or your cuisine preference. Do not reveal anything too personal such as the fact that you are allergic to pollen or that you had major surgery just a short while ago. Just indulge in more informal disclosure, leaving everything else for the second meeting, that is, if there is a second meeting.

Also, don’t delay in reciprocal disclosures. If the other person reveals something about themselves, make sure to reciprocate by revealing something similar about yourself. By the same token, if you disclose something about yourself and the other person doesn’t return the favor, back off from any further disclosures. Reciprocal disclosure is a sign of mutual attraction.

Always be mindful of not disclosing too much. Refrain from revealing too little as that may also not work in your favor. Women should keep in mind that showing too much personal information too soon may be seen as a sign of sexual invitation. Men should also be careful as not disclosing enough personal information may be perceived as being mysterious.
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November 15 ,2020
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