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No Contact Rule For Exes After Breakup

Everything About No Contact Rule Or What Is The 30 And 60 Day Rule For Ex's After The Breakup Of An Emotional Relationship In An Honest Effort To Patch Things Up

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of No Contact Rule Or The 30 And 60 Day Rule:

With the no contact rule, one has to go full 14-28 days without interacting with the person that broke their heart, which means:
-No phone calls.
-No texts or emails.
-No face-to-face communication.
-No social media engagement.
-No contact with their family or friends.
-No gazing at past pictures.
-No going back to the same old places where you used to hang out.
-No showing up at mutual friend's parties.

Important Questions About The No Contact Rule:

Following some of the most commonly asked questions about the no contact rule.:
How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact?
Does the no-contact rule work if you were dumped?
Does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else?
Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?
How long should no-contact rule last?
How long should you wait to talk to your ex after a breakup?
Should I block my ex?

How Long It Takes For No Contact Rule To Work:

No contact does not work overnight, or even after a few days or weeks. In most cases, it takes much longer for it to be effective. So, it may be a self-professed prophesy to expect that your ex will be back after a few weeks of no contact. More often than not, it just is not going to happen. And, even if you are lucky enough that your ex does come back, there is an excellent chance that there may be more relationship problems.

Why The No Contact Rule Is So Effective:

There are multiple reasons why the no contact rule is so successful when it comes to getting back together with the ex after a potential breakup. In some cases, this is the only way that one or both partners can be happy with themselves. The no contact rule works so great because it gives the person who dumped precisely what they want, such as independence and freedom, time and space, giving them the chance to replenish their emotional needs. The person who has been dumped starts the breakup process because their ego has been hurt. This time out makes the person who dumped that the grass is actually not so green on the other side as they may be perceived it to be. When this point of realization hits, the first thing they do is reach out to their ex, and this was the end of the no-contact rule to being with.

Reasons Why No Contact Rule Always Works:

In a vast majority of cases, the person who dumped reaches out to their ex within six months via text or a phone call. Such a contact happens only after giving them the freedom that they so much desired, only to realize that is not what they want. The no-contact rule is far more effective than any other manipulative strategy. Of course, this rule does not work every time, but it does work when there are genuine feelings involved from both sides.

If No Contact Rule Actually Works:

No contact period gives both partners time to clear their heads and think about what they wanted or may want from their relationship going forward. During this period, some people realize that they were wasting their time on the wrong person. Some others found someone else who was far better than their previous partner. Some people also think if their partner was even worth their time and energy. Regardless, people who get together after the no contact period came out more potent as a couple than ever before. Either way, both partners are usually better off having some emotional and mental space away from each other.

Why To Use The No Contact Rule:

It is a period that will give you time to re-evaluate the relationship, get your thoughts straight, and consider all available, all of that while still resisting the temptation of texting or calling your ex to try to work things up. The no contact rule can help people assess a lot of things about themselves and about what they want from their relationship. In case, if the people decide to get back together, they would have already looked at possible options and realized that this is where they both want to be.

No Contact Rule Mistakes To Avoid:

There are a few big mistakes to avoid while following the no contact rule, making them will screw up everything and may make things worse than already are. The first mistake to avoid is to stay away from alcohol and drugs; both will increase your pain, and this is the time to detox your mind, not inject toxins into your body. The other big mistake to avoid is to stop missing or thinking about your ex always because that will do more harm than good, instead divert your mind to other things, and think of all the things that make you happy. Make sure you avoid both these mistakes, or else things will get a lot worse for you.

What To Do During The No Contact Rule Period:

The idea behind the no-contact period is to give yourself time to heal from the toxicity of your relationship and gain some perspective. Live your life the way you always wanted to and do all the things that you ever wanted to but could not due to lack of time and responsibility. Use this time to come out of it as a better, healthier person, both emotionally as well as physically. Do a lot of stress-bursting physical activities such as running, jogging, working out, and playing sports. Also, indulge yourself in relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation.

Advantages And Benefits Of The No Contact Rule:

There are many positives of the no-contact rule. It will help you to learn to be yourself, just the way you were prior to your relationship. Doing so will help you live the life you used to live before your ex came into your life. It will help you come to terms with reality by realizing your mistakes to fix them and not make them again. All these things will give you the power to heal from something that was too toxic for you. You will regain new energy that will help you in putting things in perspective. You may even realize that there is a lot more to life than just a stupid relationship that was not even working out. It will help you understand living life alone as a single person. Lastly, it will let you find yourself again, the person who was either hidden or was too scared to come out.

What Happens After The No Contact Rule Period:

There can be only two things that can happen, either the other person would realize their mistake and come back, or they may have found happiness being away. In both cases, it is a win-win situation, and nobody wants to be with someone happy being away from them. It may be time for both partners to move on with their lives in separate ways. If feelings are real, no force in the universe can separate two love birds. There is an old saying, set the person free, if they come back, then that's great, and if they don’t come back, then that is how it was meant to be.

What Comes Out Of No Contact Rule:

There can be two reasons why people get back together after the no contact rule, they either feel that they are meant for each other, or they have no other better options in life. While the first reason is perfect for a successful relationship going forward, the second reason is more than likely to create issues at a later time in the relationship.

What To Expect From The No Contact Rule:

Following the no contact rule will make you come out happier, stronger, healthier, confident, relaxed, more attractive, fully in control of yourself and of the situation, and with a better perspective so that you are better equipped to handle the current as well as any future relationship.
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