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Attraction In Love

Attraction In Love Can Be Fatal And Lethal For Charismatic Or Magnetic Love But Only If That Attraction Can Last Forever

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Love and attraction are two sides of the same coin. They are both pretty different, yet similar. If you get confused between the two, you are not the only one. So many people get confuse the feelings of strong attraction with feelings of real love.

Not being able to differentiate between love and attraction can be risky. Attraction can be quiet fatal and lethal. It creates a charismatic and magnetic vibes around us. Such feeling of attraction can be so strong that it can make one blinded by other aspects and that can have dire consequences.

The main characteristic of attraction is that it is happens unconsciously and is usually connected with physical attributes. Most of us get attracted almost unknowingly and effortlessly. There are some specific qualities that drives us towards a person. These qualities that attracts are different for each one of us. Some men are attracted to women with long hair and flat stomach. So whenever these men see a woman with long hair and high heels, they automatically feel some sort of attraction towards them. Some women are attracted to men with beard and six packs. So whenever these women see a man with beard and six packs, they spontaneously sense some kind of attraction towards them.

Though attraction is largely based on physical attributes, it can also hinge upon certain personality or behavioral characteristics. Some men are attracted to women who are not money minded and are down to earth. So whenever these men come across a woman who is not money minded and is down to earth, they automatically feel some sort of attraction towards them. Some women are attracted to men who has a great sense of humor and has good communication skills. So whenever these women come across a man who has a great sense of humor and has good communication skills, they spontaneously sense some kind of attraction towards them. Some people are attracted to blue eyes or shapely bodies, while others may be attracted to kindness or thoughtfulness.

These qualities and traits make us generate strong attraction towards certain group of people. There is nothing wrong in using these qualities and traits as a base in selecting our partner. But, they should not form the core on which our love resides. It is perfectly natural to be attracted to what appeals to us, but that should not become the main reason for us to fall in love.

When we are looking to getting into a romantic relationship, we should look at the whole package instead of just one specific quality that attracts us. We humans are evolving species, our likes and dislikes also change over time. What or who were attracted to also changes. Hence, don’t make the mistake of making just one aspect of a person the basis of a lifelong commitment. The most successful relationships happen when there is a very strong attraction along with real feelings of love that are everlasting. When you combine attraction with other things, that’s when you can expect your love to last forever.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/21/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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