Passionate Love And Passionate Romance

Passionate Meaning And Passionate Definition In Passionate Love And Passionate Relationship Or Marriage Involves A Lot Of Intense Romance And Physical Intimacy

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Passionate Love And Passionate Romance:

Passionate love is an intense feeling of attraction towards someone romantically or sexually, but it goes deeper than just lust. It is a powerful inclination or desire with a very high level of intensity, often combined with a profound degree of pleasure which may lead to stages of insanity. The feelings can be so strong that it can make the soul passive, and that is where the term passion is derived from. Such a profound wish for a person arouses passion.

Significance Of Passionate Love:

A romantic relationship must obviously be filled with a lot of love and deep emotions or feelings. All those things are significant and are needed, but they become entirely irrelevant without any passion in a relationship. No matter how big a case one can make about emotional love and feelings, a relationship loses its charm without passion in it. That’s why we call it a romantic relationship, a relationship that is based upon romance. Romance consists of passion and physical intimacy. Yes, we all know the significance of a bunch of red roses with a romantic dinner, but all that will go to waste if it’s not followed by a hot passionate night full of intense romance.

Passionate Love Making Flares Up A Relationship:

Passion in a relationship is an intense feeling of affection or desire that makes love grow fonder and stronger towards each other. Passion flares up the fire of love in a relationship. Passion and sexual intimacy are directly proportional, higher the passion, higher the pleasure. Passion is a great thing to have in a relationship, but too much passion may eventually turn into an obsession.

Passionate Love Works As A Link Between Lovers:

Passion and lovemaking are considered to be an act of demonstrating love between a couple. Many people these days jump into a physical union without developing deep emotions for one another. This can be both a good and a bad thing. A good thing because physical intimacy yields a profound feeling of love and affection for one another, which may go beyond just the initial attraction. A bad thing if physical intimacy is used only as a means to satisfy one’s sexual needs. That said, passion or sex should work as a link between two souls.

Passionate Love Brings Two Lovers Closer:

Passion and lovemaking bring two people closer emotionally, as well. No words can explain the depth of emotions and feelings without physical closeness. It’s important to express love without saying a word. Let the desire for another speak for itself. If there is no passion, there is probably is no romantic love in a relationship.

Passionate Love Can Resolve All Problems In A Relationship:

Passion and lovemaking work like a bandage in a relationship. Regardless of fights or indifferences, an intense act of making love can make everything okay once again. It creates peace and harmony in an otherwise turbulent relationship. That’s why it’s common to say that let’s kiss and make up for all our differences. In other words, passion and sex can resolve many relationship problems. Most people forget about all their problems when they are in a passionate act.

Passionate Love Seals A Solid Relationship:

Passion and lovemaking make one feel good in a relationship. Having intense lovemaking session induces happy hormones in our brain. It works almost like euphoria or ecstasy. It can instantly make one feel elevated and on top of the world. All these good feelings stay with us and get transmitted into our relationship. All this is great for having a stable relationship.

Passionate Love Unites Two Souls Into One:

Passion and lovemaking help in uniting both partners together as one unit. It helps in binding both partners with one another. The feeling of sexually satisfying your partner can be immensely gratifying. In fact, one of the premises of being in a romantic relationship is to please each other’s needs. There is no better way to express your love by making love and giving each other pleasure.

Passionate Love Leads To Togetherness:

Passion and lovemaking bring in a feeling of trust and security in a relationship. It gives a sense of belongingness. This is very important for both partners to be completely frank with one another. It also removes all sorts of inhibitions and hesitations. All this makes a relationship more intimate, even at an emotional level.

Passionate Love Acts As A Catalyst:

A relationship without any passion would be equivalent to a dead relationship. Passion acts as a catalyst to make love or carry love to the highest level. Every work requires a passion for reaching its optimum level; likewise, love requires a desire to reach its ultimate level of euphoria. Passion is like a fire which acts as guidance or forces a person to carry out a task and is a driving force to bring love to the highest level.

Passionate Love Makes The Foundation Of A Relationship Stronger:

Make no mistake and do not misunderstand what’s written above. Passion is not the foundation of a relationship. In fact, it makes the foundation of a relationship more strong. Without passion, a relationship will collapse because there will be nothing that will put everything together. A romantic relationship without passion is like authentic Indian food without any spices in it. A romantic relationship without passion is like a soda without any fizz in it. A relationship without passion becomes bland and flavorless. A relationship without passion becomes flat and tasteless. Induce passion in your relationship and see it strive forever. Also, keep the passion quotient alive in your relationship even after years of being together.
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November 15 ,2020
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