Emotionally Available And Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally Available And Emotionally Unavailable Because Emotional Love And Emotional Intimacy Are Purely Sentimental Where There Are A Lot Of Mushy Feelings Or Unsettled Emotions

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Emotionally Available And Emotionally Unavailable:

Emotional love or emotional intimacy is love that is purely based upon emotions and feelings for one another. It may or may not be based upon any other variables such as physical looks, financial status, education, and the like. It may also not require romantic or sexual involvement. If two people are bound to each other primarily because of emotions, then their bonding or relationship becomes much stronger and is more likely to sustain for a more extended period.

Emotionally Available And Emotionally Unavailable Is Truly Sentimental Involving A Lot OF Feelings And Emotions:

Emotional love or emotional intimacy develops because of similar characteristics or circumstances or qualities between the two partners. When two partners face identical situations, they tend to bond emotionally. When both partners enjoy each other's company, they tend to look upon each other at every good or bad moment of life. It’s when that person would be the first person to come to mind for every emotional moment, whether it's sad or happy for whom ardent love has been developed in the heart. It’s mostly mental rather than physical. It’s one of the significant elements that bonds two people together because when emotions bound two people, then love becomes strong as they support each other in all adverse situations of life. After all, love with emotions is more sustainable than love without feelings.
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November 11 ,2022
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