Types Of Passionate Kisses

10 Types Of Passionate Kisses Such As A French Kiss Or Butterfly Kiss That You Must Try With Your Lover Or Romantic Partner

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The sum of all types of passionate romantic kisses is the ultimate romantic passionate kiss. We want to call it a love kiss. The love kiss is one of the most passionate kisses. A love kiss can be given on your lover’s forehead, ear, mouth, and neck. This type of kiss lasts for a longer time so that it can provide a hint for the other person that there is more on the way. A love kiss is just the beginning. It can very easily lead to full lips-to-lips kissing. All you have to do is wait and see how your partner responds. Make full use of your hands while kissing. Keep your eyes open and look deep into each other’s eyes. Kissing with your eyes open will let you admire each other’s expressions. Just be natural and let things flow naturally.

Following is the full list of ten top most types of passionate kisses such as a french kiss or butterfly kiss that you must try with your lover or romantic partner without any further delay:

# French Kiss:
French kiss is one of the most passionate ways to kiss. It is also called a tongue kiss or a deep kiss or even an amorous kiss. It is an easy way to kiss, but it can take a long time to master it. It is an intimate and erotic way of kissing. It is sure to set the mood for some passionate romance. It is an open-mouthed kiss in which one person's tongue touches the other's tongue. It involves plenty of tongue rolling and curling. It ignites the desire to be more passionate about your feelings. Start off by locking your lips with your partner’s lips. Take things slowly by extending your tongue and reaching out for your partner’s tongue. Try to touch the tips of the tongues because that’s where the nerves end. Synchronize it with your partner and make it even more passionate.

# Butterfly Kiss:
For a butterfly kiss, sit close enough to your partner so that the tip of your eyelashes touches each other. Then blink very fast so that your eyelashes flutter together just like butterfly wings. You both should feel like a butterfly is kissing you. Just close your eyes and enjoy the feeling. Be extra careful so that you don’t end up hurting your’s or your partner’s eyes. Even though there are no lips or tongues involved, this type of kiss can be very cute and intimate. It is supposed to show love and affection.

# Tongue Kiss:
The tongue kiss involves a lot of tongue action. All you have to do is just close your eyes and then slide your tongue inside your partner’s mouth. Try to feel the love that you both share. It’s considered very intimate by a lot of people. This type of kissing feel almost like making love. This can also be a type of kiss in which both partners stick out their tongues like lizards. They kiss each other without making much or any use of their lips. It creates a higher level of intimacy and passion. Flick your tongue in and out of each other’s mouth in tight and steady strokes. This is a slightly weird kind of kiss and must be practiced only if you are already close to your partner. Doing it for the first time with someone new may make you appear to be creepy. It is a passionate kiss but only for lovers who are profoundly and heavily involved with each other.

# Ice Kiss:
Ice kiss can definitely send chills down your and your partner’s bodies. Place an ice cube in between your lips and start kissing your partner. Keep kissing each other passionately until the ice melts completely in your mouth. You can put an ice cube in your mouth until it becomes really cold and then start kissing your partner. You can try many different variations of ice kisses by being a little creative. It is sure to give you and your partner goosebumps.

# Nibble Kiss:
Nibble kisses are both intense and sensual. Simply grab your partner’s lower lip and bite on it gently with the tip of your teeth. The key is to be gentle or else you may make it too painful for your partner. Then suck on their lips passionately. Once you can do it successfully, then your partner can do the same to you by biting on your lower lip. It becomes even more exciting when you can both bite each other’s lips.

# Sugar Kiss:
The sugar kiss is meant for lovers who have a sweet tooth. Look for sweet treats that you both love to have. Try things like ice cream or chocolate truffle. You can try some of the candies that you like the most. Simply place them in your mouth while you kiss each other. Let them melt entirely in your mouth. You can even pop different flavors of candies in your mouth and then exchange them into each other’s mouth while kissing. Enjoy the flavors and the sweet kiss.

# Underwater Kiss:
The underwater kiss is specially designed for lovers who can swim and stay underwater for a while. This is more like an adventure kiss. Just hold your breath and kiss each other while you are both underwater. You can even give each other oxygen in case you are not able to hold your breath. This can be really passionate and sexy.

# Drink Kiss:
The drink kiss involves sharing one of your favorite drinks with your lover while kissing each other. One person should take a sip on their favorite drink and then pour it into their paster’s mouth while kissing. Both partners can also take sips of two different drinks and then mix them in their mouths while kissing. Make sure to take small sips in order to prevent the drink from spilling out. This is just another way to enjoy your drink together while kissing each other.

# Spiderman Kiss:
The Spiderman kiss involves kissing your lover whose face is upside-down from yours. Your upper lip meets their lower lip and vice versa. It works best when one of the partners is reclining on a couch or a chair so that their head is hanging off the end. This type of kissing style is very unique, but it is very easy to execute, and it can be very sensual. This kiss is so different because both partners can’t see each other, even when their eyes are open.

# Wet Kiss:
A wet kiss is a kiss that is performed with both mouths fully open. All you have to do is look into each other’s eyes and make physical contact with your mouth. It can be done with or without using your tongue. This makes it really wet, and that can be a little uncomfortable for some people. It involves deep kissing but without using the tongue. It uses the more intense movement of lips. One can think of it as a perfect lip lock. Doing it right way can be extremely passionate. You can make it more sensual by using your lips and tongues to kiss while keeping your mouth fully open and then closed for a few seconds in between. This type of kiss enhances sexual arousal as it usually creates a romantic connection.

There is another type of kiss that is mostly used in non-romantic situations. It is called Air Kiss. The air kiss is more of a formal type of kissing. It is a sophisticated social gesture used to greet friends and relatives. All you have to do is rest your cheek against the other person’s cheek and then make a kissing sound with your lips. Here the lips don’t touch each other. It could also mean that the other person has a crush on you. This kiss is also practiced when two potential lovers are meeting for the first time.
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