If And Do Opposites Attract Or Repel In Relationship

If And Do Opposites Attract Or Repel In Relationship Or Marriage Is The Big Question Which Has No Clear Answers As It Depends On Many Factors

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of If And Do Opposites Attract Or Repel In Relationship:

It is an age-old dilemma whether opposites repel or attract. There are cases when two people who are the complete opposite of each other meet up and find out that they are madly in love with each other before the night is over and they may even live happily ever after. There are also cases when two people who have nothing in common with each other meet up and want to strangle each other within the first few minutes. This gives rise to the question of opposites repelling or attracting.

The History Behind The Concept Of Opposites Attract:

Fairy tales and literature has promoted this notion that opposites attract. In fact, it is a common theme in many movies and plays. This concept has been further marketed by mainstream media. The main reason is that it gives an exciting twist to any script. Nothing can be more breathtaking than a princess falling in love with a poor homeless guy. The whole world is against their love, but still, they manage to be together. This may be the perfect script of a blockbuster movie and may sound fascinating.

Opposites May Attract Under Certain Situations:

All the blab about opposites attract is, for the most part, nonsense. It does work sometimes, but most often, it doesn’t. That said, there is some truth in opposites being attracted to each other. If there is a trait that you always wanted but don’t have, it will naturally draw you towards someone who has it. For instance, if you are poor but always dreamed about being with someone rich, you will automatically be drawn to a rich person. But the problem is if the rich person will be drawn towards you. The answer is both a yes and a no. Yes, if you have a certain quality that the rich person is looking for. No, if you have nothing to offer to that person.

Opposite Personalities May Spark Initial Attraction:

The truth is that as much as we may be fascinated by the theory of opposite attraction, it is much easier to be with someone who is similar to us. The opposite traits may ignite the excitement initially, but it is the like-mindedness that sustains a relationship. Once the honeymoon is over, the same dissimilar attributes begin to come out of the closet to haunt you. That’s when reality sets in.

Opposite Traits Mean Higher Level Of Adjustments:

It is a lot easier to be with someone who is just like us and who shares the same interests as us. The more the dissimilarity, the higher the level of compromise and sacrifice. The higher the level of compromise or sacrifice, the lower the chance of being happy in a relationship. Hence, the concept that opposites attract is more of a facade than anything else.

Opposite Personalities May Work If They Complement Each Other:

Opposites in love only work when two people who are opposites complement each other and complete each other by being a better whole. There has to be a mutual and equal give and take. Both partners bring something to the table that makes it worthwhile. There is a balance between what they both possess and what they both lack.

Opposite Skills Facilitates Easier Give And Take:

One person may be more skilled at certain things than the other. For instance, the guy may have a better intellect to earn a living while the girl may be more equipped with household work. Both perform their duties diligently to lead a happy life without any dominance or ego. In that way, opposites work fantastically.

Opposite Poles Of Two Magnets Attract Each Other As Per Science:

Two opposite poles of two magnets attract each other. Likewise, two people with opposites traits attract each other only when they become a better and stronger whole. They both complement each other. All of this will make the relationship much stronger.
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November 11 ,2022
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