Biphobia Biphobic Meaning Definition

“Biphobia” is also sometimes referred to as “Biphobic” as a synonym, or “Bi-Phobia” with a hyphen, or “Bi Phobia” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Biphobia / Biphobic:

The term “biphobia” is derived from the word “bi,” which means “two,” and “phobia,” which means "fear of,” hence, “bi-phobia” literally means “fear of loving the two sex or genders.”

The term “biphobia” or “biphobic” is used to describe a range of negative or derogatory actions, behaviors, and attitudes such as fear, anger, intolerance, invisibility, resentment, erasure, or discomfort, that one may have or express toward bisexual individuals.

Biphobia can propagate from, and be experienced within, the LGBTQ community as well as straight society, and it demonstrates negative elements or attitudes toward bisexual people. People belonging to any sexual orientation can experience or perpetuate biphobia.

Biphobia is the unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward bisexuals and bisexuality. Biphobic is someone who has feelings of hatred, anger, fear, or disgust towards people who identify as bisexual.

Some biphobics are also homophobics, and the reasons for their biphobic behavior are the same as the reasons for their homophobic behavior. However, some support homosexuality, but are still biphobic.

Biphobics don’t accept people who are attracted to both genders, while homophobics don’t accept men and women that are attracted to their own gender. Such people only approve of people who identify themselves as one gender.

Biphobia can take the form of denial that bisexuality is an actual sexual orientation, or of negative predictability about people who are bisexual. There is a profound difference between biphobia and biphobic, and biphobia means the fear of bisexual people, biphobic means to be scared of people who are attracted to those of both sex.
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November 11 ,2022
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