Metrosexual Metrosexuality Meaning Definition

“Metrosexual” is also sometimes referred to as “Metro” in short, or “Metro Man” as a synonym, or “Metro-Sexual” with a hyphen, or “Metro Sexual” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Metrosexual / Metrosexuality:

The term “metrosexual” is derived from “metro,” which means “metro man who is feminine or girlie-man,” and “sexual,” which means “related to sex,” hence, “metro-sexual” literally means “a metro man who is a feminine or girlie male.”

The term “metrosexual” or “metrosexuality” is a colloquialism or slang that is used to describe a man who is basically a heterosexual who dates women, but is very feminine and is a girlie male, with a strong aesthetic sense, living in an urban area, who spends more time, energy, or money on his appearance and grooming than what is considered gender normative.

Metrosexual is a combination of metropolitan and heterosexual, and the term may suggest that a metrosexual is heterosexual. However, metrosexual can also refer to gay or bisexual men.

A metrosexual is a young urban heterosexual male who has liberal political views, an interest in later fashion trends, and a taste for finer things in life. Such males are sensitive about how they look and usually spend a lot of time and money in grooming themselves to look impressive to others.

Metrosexuals have an extreme interest in fashion and grooming, which makes them appear like a gay man, but they are interested in women. Such guys have a very high-class taste and move around in upscale, affluent society.

Metrosexual men are not gay, but can sometimes be mistaken for a homosexual, because it is a stereotypical belief that gay men are "feminine." Metrosexual men have sex with other men, not because they are gay, but because they think it is fashionable, and metrosexual men think they are gay, but aren't or don't consciously know.

Metrosexual men like to dress up impeccably and are flamboyant in a manner that is stereotyped to homosexuals, wearing fashionable designer clothes, trying to match everything, and wears pink, putting on makeup, wearing scented body spray, going to salons for facials, expensive hair cuts, and constantly looking at themselves in the mirror.

Metrosexual A:
The counterpart of Metrosexual A is Metrosexual B.
Metrosexual A is a more apparent form of metrosexuality than Metrosexual B.
Metrosexual A men are physically "metro."
Activities of Metrosexual A men include but are not limited to: hair dying, matching clothes, clean nails, and tanning.

Metrosexual B:
The counterpart of Metrosexual B is Metrosexual A.
Metrosexual B is a less apparent form of metrosexuality than Metrosexual A.
Metrosexual B men are not physically "metro."
Activities of Metrosexual B men include but are not limited to: musical theatre, celebrity gossip, appreciating fashion, and occasionally dressing well.
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November 15 ,2020
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