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Friends Or Friendship Quotes And Sayings That Are Most Popular And Famous As They Are Widely Used In All Cultures And Societies All Over The World

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Friends Or Friendship Quotes And Sayings That Are Most Popular And Famous As They Are Widely Used In All Cultures And Societies All Over The World:

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Friendship is like one mind in two bodies.

Friendship is more like a responsibility, but never an opportunity.

Friendship is not one big thing, but it is millions of little things.

Friendship is just like money, it is easy to make but hard to keep.

Friendship should consist of forgetting what one gives but remembering what one receives.

Friendship is like a ray of hope and a rainbow that connects two hearts.

Friendship is like aged wine, it only gets better with time.

Friendship is the only cement in the world that will ever hold the world together for you.

Friend¬ship is a build¬ing con¬tract that you sign with love¬ and break with sadness.

Friendship is something that multiplies blessings and minimizes misfortunes.

Friends are almost like relatives that we choose and make for ourselves.

Friends are like walls around your house, sometimes you feel good they are there and sometimes you can lean on them.

Friends are like family, but we choose them on our own.

Friends are most often lost by either visiting them too often or visiting them too seldom.

Friends come and go, but enemies always linger around for a long time.

Friends and lovers should be few but good ones.

Friends are those who can sense your state of mind without asking you.

It is better to have a new friend far away than an old friend nearby.

Forgetting a good friend is a sign of forgetting ourselves.

We all need a few old friends to help us grow old and a few new friends to help us stay young.

The only thing that is better than making a new friend is keeping an old one.

Never give up on old friends to buy new ones.

It is not possible to make an old friend, you either have them or don’t.

You can always make a new friend but it not possible to make an old one.

One good friend is better than ten not-so-good ones.

Just one true friend can lead to more happiness than a million enemies to sadness.

A true friend is one of the best things you can have in life, and one of the nicest things you can be to others.

Most depressed people won't be depressed only if they had a few good friends to smile with.

Just one good friendship is not a big deal, it is a combination of a million little things.

If a single flower can be your garden, then a single friend can be your world.

Only your real friends will point out your mistakes, the rest will praise you even for all the silly things that you do.

One good friend can undo a hundred enemies.

The primary language of friendship is not mere words but the meaning behind those words.

One enemy is too many and a hundred friends are too few.

One of the most admirable qualities of true friendship is first to understand and then to be understood.

A really good friend is often more effective and definitely a lot cheaper than hiring a therapist.

The most valuable thing you do to your friend is simply being their true friend.

A true friend is someone who knows all your negatives and still likes you.

It is a lot harder to forgive an old friend than to forgive an enemy.

An old-time friend knows the song of your heart and sings it to you when your memory begins to be failing.

Real friendship means two people can be comfortable even in silence.

True friends make life worth living.

Some people go to religious places, some to therapists, some to a priest, some to serene places, but all they need to do is go to their true friends.

A true friend is the one who enters in when the whole world has exited.

There are many types of ships in this world, but the best ship is friendship.

A true friend laughs with you at your silly jokes, and also sympathizes with your little problems.

A true friend never comes in your way unless you are going down.

A true friend is the one who will tell you harsh truths instead of fake flattery.

A true friend never leaves you when you tell them you need to be alone.

A true friend first reaches to hold your hand and then touches your heart.

A true friendship is a single soul living in two bodies.

A true friend is the one in whom you find your second self.

An old friend is the only person you allow to enter your house when everything is in a mess.

The primary language of friendship is not words but the meaning behind those words.

Good friends are blessings from angels.

A real friend is like heaven on earth.

The primary function of a friend is not to have any function at all.

In good friendships, first, understand, then, explain.

It takes a whole lifetime to build a good friendship, but it only takes a fraction of a second to break it into shreds.

True friends are the ones who bad mouth you in front of you, not behind your back.

We all experience a time when our inner spirits go down, and that is when we need a friend who can reignite that fire within us.

If your friend is upset, then ask them what you can do for them to make them feel better, just come up with a good idea and surprise them.

The greatest type of friend is the one with whom you could sit down for hours without saying a word and then walk away with a feeling of one of the best conversations you have ever had in your life.

There are two types of friends, those you need or those who need you and the ones where there is a mutual need.

Never borrow money from a friend unless you are willing to lose that friend.

Summer friends will usually melt away just like summer snows, but winter friends last forever like winter snows.

The greatest time to form new friendships is before you even need them.

A good friend is someone who tells you things you already know about yourself but won't accept.

A good friend is the one who connects your past to the path of the future.

It does not matter how many friends you can count on your fingers, it is how many of those friends you can rely upon.

It is great to be rich and successful, but it is even better to be surrounded by a few food friends.

Always hold a true friend with both your hands, not just one.

There can be no friendship without honesty, and no honesty without integrity.

At some point, we all realize the fact that it is less important to have more friends and more important to have a few good ones.

If two ex-lovers can just remain friends, then either they were never truly in love or perhaps they still are but don't realize it.

Just like a ring is round with no beginning or end, that's how friendship should also be.

Good friends are our biggest safety net, they may be annoying at times but they will always be there when we need them the most.

The main trick is not to die for a friend but to find a friend who is worth dying for.

Just friends are whatever, best friends are forever.

Ordinary friends listen to whatever the hell you say, real friends listen to what you don't say.

Your main wealth is where your friends are.

Love may be more deep, but friendship is much broader.

To have a good friend is one of the best feelings in life, being a good friend is one of the most challenging undertakings in life.

No medicine is more curable than a friend to whom we can call upon in our most troublesome times.

There is no bigger therapist than a true friend.

The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship.

If you ever want an accounting of your worth or your wealth, count on your friends.

If you plant a seed of friendship, you will reap a bouquet of happiness.

Some people go to therapists while others go to priests, but I always to my friends.

Parents are like friends that God gives us, friends are like parents that our heart chooses for us.

The only way to have a good friend is the first to be one.

In friendship, what we give is what we receive.

True friendship means that even silence is comfortable.

If you want to be heard by your friends, you should first listen to them.

Treat your friends the way you want them to treat you.

In a true friendship, it is possible to grow separately without growing apart.

It is usually easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.

It is a bigger shame to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

In prosperity, our friends remember us, in adversity we remember our friends.

A hundred friends are too few, and one enemy is too many.

The only thing that is better than making a new friend is keeping an old one.

We die every time we lose a friend.

The only way to keep good friends is by never giving them away.

The right time to make friends is way before you will need them.

Only adversity can teach who our true friends are.

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.

If all my friends were to jump off a cliff, instead of jumping with them, I would be waiting for them at the bottom to catch them.

Safe boundaries in friendship are extremely important in order to not cross the line set and face any kind of uncomfortable situations later on.

Getting attached to a friend and thereby developing some sort of romantic feelings is very natural and can happen in any kind of friendship.

Having a good time with friends in a group is one of the best things to do as it results in a lot of fun and it also makes the friendship stronger.

A friend in need is a friend indeed because a true friend is the one who is there for their friend when they need them the most.

One who finds a true friend finds a treasure is a very old saying but a very accurate saying because a true friend is just ss precious as a treasure.

Two women can never be good friends because there will always be conflicts and differences due to feelings of competitiveness and jealousy.

Men and women can never be just friends because there will always be emotions and feelings that may turn into something romantic or sexual in nature.
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