Tips For Showing Romantic Interest Or Feelings For Your Friend

10 Tips For Showing Romantic Interest Or Feelings For Your Friend By Sending Strong Signals Or Hints To Convey Your Seriousness And Emotions For The Other Person

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Exchanging romantic signals with a friend basically means that at some point, both parties are mutually interested in each other. Things will eventually die out if the interest is not mutual. If everything is going great, then the next step is to make physical contact because that is the real intention behind hitting on a friend in a romantic way. So do not wait and take things to the next level by making it physical.

Following is the full list of ten top most tips for showing romantic interest or feelings for your friend by sending strong signals Or hints to convey your interest and emotions for the other person:

# Touch Talking:
Try to engage in some deep conversation and then tap on their arm or shoulder to prove your point. This will initiate touch and the other person may touch you back to signal interest. Touching while talking and making your touch look natural is an effective way to get physically close to your crush. So try to think of creative ways to include touch in your conversations.

# Physical Games:
Indulge in some sort of activity that involves some kind of body contact. Things like arm wrestling or piggyback riding can at least initiate body contact and bring the two of you in close proximity. The idea is to get physically close by doing something fun. There are a lot of sports and games that require two people to be in physical contact with each other.

# Arms Around:
Whenever you get a chance try to put your arms around the other person while smiling and laughing together. Putting your arms around is one of the safest ways to get physically close to someone. This may even make you both feel comfortable with each other. Look for the right opportunity and the right situation.

# Lean On:
Try to lean on the shoulder of the other person while yawning. Try to act as if you are very tired or sleepy because you had a long day. Doing something like this is normal between friends. So give it a shot and see how the other person reacts but pull away if you sense any kind of awkwardness.

# Give Hugs:
The best time to naturally hug the other person is right when you greet them or right before going away. What you should try to do is to try to prolong the hug and make it more intimate. It is really up to you how intimate and romantic you can make your hug. Hugging in this manner is usually acceptable as long as the hug is not for too long.

# Shower Kisses:
Nothing can bring two people together better than kissing each other. The perfect time to kiss is when you first meet or right before parting ways. Make it a small peck on the cheeks first to see the response. Then indulge in a longer kiss if you feel the vibes from the other side.

# Do Mirroring:
Try to mirror the other person’s body language by standing the way they are standing or by talking the way they are talking. Mirroring can indicate that there is a connection between two people. This technique is very common in attracting someone. Most people like it when the other person adopts their style.

# Start Tickling:
It is common for friends to tickle each other playfully. Try to tickle the other person to make things light and also to have an excuse to touch them. Try to have fun while tickling each other with a lot of smiles and waves of laughter. Keep it to their arms and knees and don’t violate their private space.

# Dancing Together:
Nothing can be better to come close to a person than dancing together. Dancing is considered a social activity and it is very easy to touch the other person on their arms or waist while you both dance the night together. Try to lock your eyes while dancing. Engage in small talk while complimenting them about how well they dance.

# Holding Hands:
The first thing that comes to mind for touching the other person is perhaps holding their hands. So find an excuse to hold their hand and see how they react. If you both feel comfortable with each other and if there seems to be a mutual interest then you may want to hold the other person closer to you. Make sure that the other person reacts favorably or else pull apart and then try again after a while.
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November 11 ,2022
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