Follow Your Heart In Love And Life

Follow Your Heart In Love And Life Or Listening To Instincts Or Intuitions Or Inner Voice Or Gut Feelings In Love And Romance

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Follow Your Heart In Love And Life:

Your heart is like an inbuilt GPS system. It has the capability to navigate and guide you through your life. It automatically puts you in the right direction. It shows you the path that your heart desires for. When you follow your heart, you enhance the true meaning, purpose, and significance of life. It also increases the sense of joy, happiness, and fulfillment of your life. Not to mention, it can also take your love and romantic life to a higher level.

It Is Not Always Easy To Be True To Your Heart:

Following your heart is no easy path. On the contrary, it is full of pitfalls and obstacles. It requires a lot of courage to follow your heart. You need to hibernate your reasoning ability and stop looking at the rationality of everything. Following your heart also means following your gut feelings, which is not always an easy task. People who follow their hearts are more spiritual and positive minded. They believe in themselves more than any peripheral source. When it comes to love and romance, they turn inwards and listen to their hearts.

Simply Open Your Heart And See What Happens:

There is almost a voice that comes out of you that tells you what to do. You can think of that voice as your intuition or your sixth sense. It works as your private guide. It tells you what good and what’s bad. It tells you which way to go whenever you are at a crossroads. When you follow your heart, you listen to your inner feelings. These feelings take all your life decisions, including love and romance.

Hear What Your Heart Is Saying:

When you follow your heart, you just listen to your heart and nothing else. This may lead you to do things that may look irrational or illogical. But you still do those things. You become a slave of your heart. Your heart dictates your every move. This can be both a good and a bad thing. A good thing because your inner voice is always correct and knows what’s best for you. A bad thing because there can be conflicts between what your heart says and what your mind or your other well-wishers say. All this becomes far more prominent when it comes to matters of love and romance.

People Who Are Practical Tend To Ignore Their Inner Voice:

There is nothing unique or magical about following your heart. In fact, it should be the common sense of living your life. The main reason why many people are not leading a fulfilling love life is that somewhere down the line, they didn’t really care to listen to their internal voice. Somehow they got carried away by something that may have appeared to be more practical or earthly. Most people take a more realistic and easy way when it comes to making decisions pertaining to love and romance.

Your Heart May Not Always Be Logical But It Is Always Right:

We all have been programmed to think logically ever since we were in school. We have been taught to do things that make perfect logical sense. But this is the life we are talking about. No one has been able to understand love and life. It is impossible to figure these things out. It is even more trivial to understand feelings of love and romance.

Listen To Your Heart And Not Your Mind:

So there is a constant conflict between what our inner voice says and what the external voices compel us to do. It is a tough decision. Listening to your inner voice may be hard but more fulfilling. Listening to a foreign voice may be easy but not fulfilling. This could be a predicament, especially when it comes to following your heart for the sake of love and romance. The best solutions may seem to lie in combining both voices, but that may not always be possible. This may lead to making some harsh and often heartless decisions when it involves love and romance.

Follow Your Heart And Not Your Fears:

The truth is that your inner voice is usually correct. It knows you far better than any external source. Your close friends and family may have your best interest in their heart, but they can’t know what will actually make you happy. You may end up making some rough decisions when you follow your heart, but you can be sure that it will make you happy in the long-run. In the end, everything will fall in place, and everything will make sense. All you have to do is open your eyes to follow your heart and your ears to listen to your internal voice so that you can lead a fulfilling love and romantic life.
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November 15 ,2020
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