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Sexless Relationship

No Sex Or Intimacy Relationship

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One of core element of any love and romantic relationship is sex and intimacy. When there is no sex, it becomes a sexless relationship. Sex is one of the most important things in any relationship. It helps in keeping a couple close, both physically and emotionally as well. It also strengthens the bond between them. Sexless relationship can never be a good thing unless there are some valid reasons.

A romantic relationship needs a lot of love and the strongest way to express that love is usually through sex. The importance of sex in a relationship is no secret. It becomes an issue when that main vehicle of expressing love gets broken. Of course, there are million other ways to express love but they all seizes to exist with an absence of sex and intimacy in a relationship.

A sexless relationship can be a result of lack of sexual attraction. Sometimes one or both partners loses sexual interest in the other. They no longer get turned on by their partner. It’s basically because they don’t think their partner is hot anymore. This could be a byproduct of gaining a lot of weight or other changes in physical attributes. It is also possible that they got bored of each other don’t find each other stimulating anymore.

One more reason of a sexless relationship is the age issue. With age, the sexual desire also goes down. One must realize that with age, the sexual desire and urge is bound to go down. It is a natural phenomenon. There are hormonal changes as people age and they must realize that. Measures can be taken to keep the sex alive. But, expecting the sex to be as hot as it was once one was a teenager is an unrealistic expectation. Still, it is possible to keep things hot in the bedroom.

Another cause of a sexless relationship is being overly infatuated to another person. The attraction for the other person is so much that one loses complete sexual interest in their partner. They get so obsessed with that other person that they fantasizing about them all the time. It could just be a passing fancy or may lead to something bigger.

A sexless relationship may be due to a long gap in activities in the bedroom. When there is a long gap between having sex because of pregnancy or other reasons, it’s not always easy to resume things. Sex is not as simple as simple as play and pause buttons. It needs a lot of feelings from both partners. So when there is a long break in having sexual activities, it becomes difficult to bring back those same magic feelings.

The main problem with a sexless relationship comes when one partner is fine with it and the other is not. There can be many ways to correct this problem. There are options for counselling. They can try to talk to each and see if there can be any solution. If nothing works, they have to either accept the ways things are or call it quits.

According to some, a sexless relationship is no relationship at all. But, it really depends on many factors and circumstances explained above. In fact, physical intimacy is even more important than the actual act of sex. So make sure you know the difference between physical intimacy which does not require the actual intercourse and sex. It is very important for a couple to be physically close to each other, even if it is just kissing and cuddling all night long.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/27/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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