Homophobia Homophobic Meaning Definition

“Homophobia” are also sometimes referred to as “Homophobic” as a synonym, or “Homo-Phobia” with a hyphen, or “Homo Phobia” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Homophobia / Homophobic:

The term “homophobia” is derived from the word “homo,” which means “same,” and “phobia,” which means "fear of,” hence, “homo-phobia” literally means “fear of loving the same sex or gender.”

The term “homophobia” or “homophobic” is used to describe a range of negative attitudes such as fear, anger, prejudice, resentment, hatred, discomfort, erasure, or intolerance that one may have towards people who are or are perceived to be homosexual or non-heterosexual people.

Homophobia is a disagreement, dislike, disapproval, displeasure, fear, and hatred towards gays or homosexuality in general, sometimes for religious reasons, and sometimes due to insecurity about one's own sexual orientation. This term can also promote a sense of disgust or dislike of being portrayed as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, or non-straight.

There are different types of homophobia, such as institutionalized homophobia which includes religious homophobia, and state-sponsored homophobia. There is also internalized homophobia that includes people who have same-sex attractions.

Homophobia can be of two types, one in which a person has a “fear of being a homosexual,” and second, “having a disagreement with homosexuality.” Both of these can either be taken as synonyms or as a misnomer intended to smear or taint those who do not agree with a particular lifestyle.

Homophobia is systemic and societal oppression against LGBTIQ people and communities, but it can also be experienced by those who are not but are perceived to be part of the LGBTIQ. Homophobic is a word that is used to describe actions, behaviors, or individuals who demonstrate elements of this range of negative attitudes toward non-straight people.

There is a profound difference between homophobia and homophobic, and homophobia means the fear of gay people, homophobic means to be scared of people who are attracted to those of the same sex. It is both a fear and hatred of homosexuals, but in reality, it is sheer ignorance of a sexual orientation that has existed for centuries and is still not entirely accepted in mainstream society.
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November 11 ,2022
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