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Reuniting After Break Up

Reuniting After A Heart Break Or Breaking Up A Romantic Relationship With Former Spouse Or Ex Can Be One Of The Best Things That Can Happen

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Sometimes, it’s best to end things. But some other times, great romantic relationships end for all the wrong reasons. Things turn out the way they shouldn’t have. It becomes important to know if break up was the right thing to do. If not, reuniting should be at least on the table. It is also crucial to know if the two people are better off or worse off without each other in their lives.

Following are some of the good reasons to get back together with your former spouse or ex after a break up:

Your relationship was above and beyond love. It was something that happens only once in a lifetime. You both had similar short term as well as long term goals. It was making you both sail together with all the hustles and bustles of life and there was great support for each other.

Your relationship ended prematurely. Both of you got fed up and called it off too soon. You chose the easy way by exiting instead of making things work and you could have done better. There were issues that could be sorted out and you didn’t even try your best to resolve your issues.

Your relationship had hurt but your partner was apologetic. Your partner tried really hard to make amends but you didn’t listen. The problems could have been rectified if you had given it a fair chance. It was hard for you to forgive even though your partner made every attempt to fix the issues and was genuinely sorry.

Your relationship ended because of trust issues that could have been rectified. There was loss of trust because of cheating or hiding things or whatever reason. Those issues could have resolved. You decided not to give in.

You still have residual feelings left from your relationship. There are still sparks and attachment for each other. You still have the hearts for your partner. All these are strong feelings that you may never feel for any other person in your life.

You were at the wrong for most part in your relationship. After some soul searching you realized you made certain mistakes that created problems. You are unwilling to admit your mistakes because it became a matter of pride and ego. It is difficult for you to own your wrongdoing and accept your mistakes.

You attempted at seeing others outside of your relationship. No one could even come anywhere close to your ex. You have forced yourself to go out with others but every time it was more like a drag. It has become awfully difficult to find someone as nice as your ex.

You both fought almost fairly in your relationship. Most of the arguments happed due to mere difference of opinion rather than actually viciously fighting for no reason at all. Your partner gave you a fair chance to put forth your opinion. Every fight that you had could be justified.

The separation has made your heart grow fonder. After a few days of being apart you have started missing your partner. Both of you have emotionally come closer even though there is a big wall in between. You can’t wait and often long to be in their arms again.

The grass on the other side is not so green after all. Your perception that things would be better after separation has turned out to be totally incorrect. Things are in fact lot worse than they were when you both were together. It took you some time but you fully realize how awesome things were with your former spouse than being alone.

There is a saying, it’s not over until it’s over. If any of the above is applicable to you, stop reading this great article and pick up the phone to call your ex before things are totally axed.
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June 29 ,2019

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