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Secure Relationship

Secure And Safe Relationships Are Protected And Sheltered Because There Is A Lot Of Trust And Faith Without Being Scared Or Afraid Of Anything

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A secure relationship is a relationship where both partners fully trust each other. They feel safe and secure being with one another. They don’t feel scared or afraid of anything. There is very little anxiety or stress in their relationship, if any. They believe in each other and in the relationship that they share with each other. They genuinely feel that they won’t be abandoned or get dumped by their partner for someone else. Our main focus here is of emotional security, but there can be other forms of security as well such as financial security which is also very important in a relationship.

People in secure relationship are never jealous or possessive of each other because they have trust in each other. They don’t snoop at each other or track every movement. They don’t check phone call history, text messages, or their partner’s activities on social media. Moreover, they don’t ask to spend all their time together. Instead, they value space in their relationship.

People in secure relationship mutually respect each other’s boundaries and private space. They know the importance of letting their partner spend some alone time. They know how crucial it is for them to spend time with their friends and family. At last, they acknowledge the fact that their partner needs to do activities or hobbies that does not include their partner.

People in secured relationship never try to control each other. They don’t demand anything, instead they request. In fact, they don’t even have to request because they both know each other’s likes and dislikes. They have direct communication and never hesitate in pouring their hearts out.

People in secured relationship have total transparency in their relationship where they share everything with each other, even their deepest and darkest fears and inhibitions. They are true to one another and don’t pretend to someone they are not. They don’t judge one another, instead they give the benefit of the doubt to the other. They realize that no one is perfect and hence openly accept each other’s flaws and imperfections. They for toward the happiness and wellbeing of one another.

People in secured relationship feel that their partner will always be there to support them in all the ups and downs of life. They don’t feel threatened or frightened when their partner is in the company of the opposite sex. They feel they have an alliance that no outside force can break or take away from them. They get full backing from their partner when they are in a social gathering. They don’t criticize each other, instead they appreciate one another.

People in secured relationship feel that they are in it together. They voluntarily choose to be with each other because they want to and not because they have to. They feel thankful and grateful to have their partner in their life. They held one another to bring the best out of each other. They cherish every moment they spend together. They make an active attempt to show their graciousness and kindness towards each other. They make every effort to make each other comfortable to express anything they want.

A secure relationship in short is a relations that is free from any risks or losses. Having a secure feeling in a relationship takes a lot of efforts and understanding from both partners. Both partners have equal roles in making each other feel secure at all times. It is a continuous process, not a onetime effort. Security in a relationship is like an insurance that gives peace of mind and takes away all fears.
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June 29 ,2019

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